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The most precious relic of the church is a Romanesque portal dating from the 12th century, coming from a Benedictine monastery on the river Elbing.

The bridge connecting the two towers is called the "Mostek Czarownic" (Witches’ Bridge).

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But there also may be an opportunity to improve your business processes, argues one fleet management technology firm executive.

ACE, or the Automated Commercial Environment, is familiar to most trucking companies and fleets with cross-border business into Canada and Mexico.

It's the "single window" initiative and accompanying import-export system launched to help facilitate intergovernmental and interagency data flow for goods going in and out of the country.

Take time to explore the sloping alleys, covered passageways and side streets.

his marvellous journey into the past will enable you to admire some wonderful historical monuments such as the Lesdiguires mansion, which once belonged to François de Bonne, a duke, Marshal and supreme commander of the French armed forces in the 17th century, presenting a superb blend of baroque frontage and Renaissance windows.

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