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I realised it was just getting light, "Sorry Telly (I couldn't say Terry when I was tiny and the name stuck) your hard willy was too irresistible." I replied with something silly like: "Your welcome," before I was awake, before I realised Aunty Annie was straddling me with my dick inside her.Once I was awake she stepped it up a gear and started grinding her clit hard against me till she came with lots of oo's, ah's and grunting.She was dressed like Daisy Duke and lying beside me flirted wildly, teasing me with her tits.In no time I was turned on and sporting my modest hard on, then she knelt astride my legs and gave me a lovely titty fuck.Being honest with myself I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Aunty Annie and had often sat to watch TV with her in various states of undress as we share similar tastes in drama, humour and smut, and as mentioned earlier our whole family have never bothered covering up indoors.Once I had got over my break up there was a lot of flirting going on, namely from Aunty Annie 52, her daughter Bethany (Beth) 31, Uncle Charles daughter Denise 32 and Uncle Edwards Son Frederick (Fred or Freddy but likes to be called Frederica as he is also gay) 33.Later that evening Freddy and his wife Fiona (yes I know he is gay!

Beth returned from a shopping trip and seeing us stopped to chat, she is also well endowed, I estimate something like 36F but no one actually knows because she has never owned a single bra.

After the baby was returned to bed, I cried on Aunties shoulder, well actually if I'm being honest here I cried on her tits which are massive, massive with a big M and having just seen them being used to feed my niece I soon hugged and kissed them and found myself sucking milk from them till the film finished.

At that point she offered to share her bed with me, which I happily accepted and went to sleep with my head snuggled to her shoulder and a hand holding a breast.

Our family property and farming business is based around a manor house which has been in our family for over two hundred years, at some stage in its life we had lent 70% of it to the military, initially they used it as a hospital then divided it into forty six apartments as officers accommodation, all but four of them are very up market and mostly rented out to business tenants, between £2000 & £15000 per month.

There is also a well equipped gym and swimming pool, we have a waiting list so we rarely have an empty apartment.

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